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According to the County Governments Act 2012, the roles include;

  1. Maintaining close contact with the electorate and consulting them on issues before or under discussion in the County Assembly.
  2. Presenting views, opinions and proposals of the Kitui County electorate to the County Assembly.
  3. Attending sessions of the County Assembly and its committees.
  4. Providing a linkage between the County Assembly and the electorate on public service delivery; and
  5. Extending professional knowledge, experience or specialised knowledge to any issue for discussion in the County Assembly

Members of the County Assembly are sworn in by the county assembly clerk within fourteeh days after the announcement of the final results of an election, in the manner set out in the Schedule under the County Governments Act 2012.

At any time in the absence of the speaker of the county assembly or in matters that directly affect the speaker, the county assembly shall elect a member to act as speaker as contemplated under Article 178(2)(b) of the Constitution.


Download the complete list of the Kitui County Assembly members.

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