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The County Assembly of Kitui invites application for Tenders and Service Providers from interested, competent and eligible bidders for the Financial Year 2018 - 2019 in the listed categories;

1. CAKITUI/T/01/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Staff Uniforms and Protective Clothes Open Ksh 20,000
2. CAKITUI/T/02/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Detergents and Cleaning Material Youth/Women/PWD N/A
3. CAKITUI/T/03/2018-2019 Provision of Hotels, Conference and Accomodation Services (Framwork Contract) Open in the following towns (Nairobi, Mombasa, Machakos, Kitui, Mwingi, Embu, Naivasha/Nakuru) Ksh 50,000
4. CAKITUI/T/04/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationary Youth/Women/PWD N/A
5. CAKITUI/T/05/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment and Consumables Youth/Women/PWD N/A
6. CAKITUI/T/06/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Airtime, Newspapers, Journals and Magazines Local Dealers Ksh 20,000
7. CAKITUI/T/07/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Printed Materials Youth/Women/PWD N/A
8. CAKITUI/T/08/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Bottled Water, Milk, Sugar and Beverages Youth/Women/PWD N/A
9. CAKITUI/T/09/2018-2019 Provision of Asset Tagging/Coding Services Open Ksh 10,000
10. CAKITUI/T/10/2018-2019 Provision of Security Services Open Ksh 20,000
11. CAKITUI/T/11/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Snacks, Meals and Cafeteria Services Local Hotels in Kitui Town Ksh 10,000
12. CAKITUI/T/12/2018-2019 Repair and Maintenance of Photocopier Machines, Printers and Computer Services (General Service) Youth/Women/PWD N/A
13. CAKITUI/T/13/2018-2019 Repair and Maintenance of Generator Open Ksh 10,000
14. CAKITUI/T/14/2018-2019 Provision of Cleaning of Chamber, Fumigation & Pest Control and Sanitary Towel Disposal Services Open Ksh 20,000
15. CAKITUI/T/15/2018-2019 Provision of Air Travel Agencies (IATA/KATO Registered) Framework Agreement Open Ksh 30,000
16. CAKITUI/T/16/2018-2019 Supply and Delivery of Petrol, Oils, Lubricants and Cooking Gas (Framework Contract) Local Dealers: Petrol Stations within 3km from Kitui Town Ksh 40,000
17. CAKITUI/T/17/2018-2019 Provision of Newspaper Advertising Agency (Framework Contract) Agents within Kitui Town Ksh 20,000
18. CAKITUI/T/18/2018-2019 Provision of Plant Equipment and Machinery Insurance Insurance Companies Only Ksh 20,000
19. CAKITUI/T/19/2018-2019 Provision of Building Insurance Cover Insurance Companies Only Ksh 20,000
20. CAKITUI/RFP/01/2018-2019 Request for Proposal for Consultancy Services for the Development and Provision of Scheme of Service for the Staff of the County Assembly of Kitui Open Ksh 50,000
21. CAKITUI/RFP/02/2018-2019 Request for Proposal for Provision of Website Design, Hosting and Integration (Re-Advertisement) Open Ksh 30,000

Completed tender documents, Original and Copy in a plain sealed envelope clearly marked "Tender Name" and "Tender Reference Number" should be addressed and returned to:



P.O. BOX 694 - 90200



The County Assembly of Kitui wishes to notify all the interested bidders of some amendments and clarifications on the tenders advertised on pg 25  of the Standard Newspaper of Wednesday, 8th August, 2018 and as seen above. The amendments and clarification are as follows:

General information for all Bidders:

Tender Closing Date & Time Extended to Wednesday, 29th August, 2018 at 12:00noon for all bidders
2. Tender Validity Period 90 days from date of tender opening for all tenders

Tenders with amendments/clarifications:

1. CAKITUI/T/12/2018-19 Provision of Repair and Maintenance of Photocopier Machines, Printers and Computers Amended Tender Document and Price Schedule Download amended Tender Document
2. CAKITUI/T/13/2018-19 Provision of Repair and Maintenance of Standby Generator Amended Tender Document and Price Schedule Download amended Tender Document
3. CAKITUI/T/14/2018-19 Provision of Cleaning of Chamber, Fumigation, Pest Control and Sanitary Disposal Services Amended Tender Document and Price Schedule Download amended Tender Document
4. CAKITUI/T/17/2018-19 Provision of Newspaper Advertising Agency (Framework Contract) Inclusion of Newspaper printers as eligible tenders and amended the price schedule Download amended Tender Document
5. CAKITUI/RFP/02/2018-19 Provision of website Design, Hosting and Integration The Bid security is Ksh 20,000 Note clarification
6. CAKITUI/RFP/01/2018-19 Provision of Consultancy Services for the development of a Scheme of Service Clause 2.5.3. - bids must bear, provision of website design, hosting and integration, should instead read ....... provision of consultancy services for development of a scheme of service Note clarification

The addendum and amended clarification can also be obtained from our office free of charge during normal working hours.

The addendum shall form part of the tender document and shall be used in the tender evaluation. All other terms and conditions remain the same.

For tenders with amendments, those bidders who had already submitted their tender documents and wish to change the content can do a fresh tender document and mark on the top left hand side of the envelope: TENDER RESUBMISSION to enable us combine with the previously submitted tender document during the opening.

If you resubmit a tender document, you are not supposed to buy a fresh BID BOND.






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