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The County Assembly of Kitui invites applications for the Tenders of Supply of Goods and Services from interested eligible bidders under framework contract for the financial year 2019/2020

1. CAKITUI/T/1/2019-20 756645 Supply and Delivery of Staff Uniforms and Protective Clothes OPEN
2. CAKITUI/T/2/2019-20 756559 Supply and Delivery of Detergents and Cleaning Material WOMEN
3.  CAKITUI/T/3/2019-20  756228 Provision of Hotels, Conference and Accomodation Services (framework contract) OPEN (in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kitui, Machakos, Mwingi, Embu, Mutomo, Naivasha/Nakuru)
4. CAKITUI/T/4/2019-20 756439,1 Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationary WOMEN
5. CAKITUI/T/5/2019-20 756797 Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment and Consumables YOUTH
6. CAKITUI/T/6/2019-20 756800 Supply and Delivery of Airtime, Newspapers, Journals and Magazines OPEN (Local dealers in Kitui Town)
7. CAKITUI/T/7/2019-20 756582 Supply and Delivery of Printed Materials PWD
8. CAKITUI/T/8/2019-20 756798 Supply and Delivery of Bottled Water, Milk, Sugar and Beverages WOMEN
9. CAKITUI/T/9/2019-20 755994 Provision of Asset Tagging/Coding Services OPEN
11. CAKITUI/T/11/2019-20 755999 Repairs & Maintenance of Photocopier, Machines, Printers and Computers (General Services) YOUTH
12. CAKITUI/T/12/2019-20 756002 Provision of Repair and Maintenance of Generator OPEN
13. CAKITUI/T/13/2019-20 756037 Provision of Air Travel Agencies (IATA/KATO and any registered body) (framework agreement) OPEN
14. CAKITUI/T/14/2019-20 756022 Supply and Delivery of Petrol, Oils, Lubricants and Cooking Gas (framework agreement) OPEN (Local dealers in Kitui Town)
15. CAKITUI/T/15/2019-20 756032 Provision of Newspaper Advertising and Media Coverage OPEN (Media Houses)
16. CAKITUI/T/16/2019-20 756024 Provision of Plant Equipment and Machinery Insurance Insurance Companies Only
17. CAKITUI/T/17/2019-20 756025 Provision of Building Insurance Cover Insurance Companies Only




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