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1 CAKITUI/T/01/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Staff Uniform and Protective Clothes Special Group N/A
2 CAKITUI/T/02/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Petrol, Oils, Lubricants and Cooking Gas Local Dealers: Petrol Stations within Kitui Town Ksh 50,000
3 CAKITUI/T/03/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Detergents and Cleaning Material Special Groups N/A
4 CAKITUI/T/04/2017-2018 Provision of Hotels, Conferences and Accomodation Services Open in Nairobi, Mombasa,Machakos, Mwingi, Naivasha/Nakuru Ksh 50,000
5 CAKITUI/T/05/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationary Special Groups N/A
6 CAKITUI/T/06/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of ICT Equipment and Consumables Special Groups N/A
7 CAKITUI/T/07/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of airtime, newspapers, journals and magazines Special Groups N/A
8 CAKITUI/T/08/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Printed Materials Special Groups N/A
9 CAKITUI/T/09/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Bottled Water, Milk, Sugar and Beverages Special Groups N/A
10 CAKITUI/T/10/2017-2018 Provision for Asset Tagging/Coding Services Open Ksh 10,000
11 CAKITUI/T/11/2017-2018 Provision of Building Insurance Cover Open Ksh 50,000
12 CAKITUI/T/12/2017-2018 Provision for Plant Equipment and Machinery Insurance Open Ksh 50,000
13 CAKITUI/T/13/2017-2018 Provision of Security Services Open Ksh 20,000
14 CAKITUI/T/14/2017-2018 Provision of Outside Catering Local Businesses within Kitui Town Ksh 10,000
15 CAKITUI/PREQ/15/2017-2018 Prequalification for Website Development and Hosting Special Group N/A
16 CAKITUI/PREQ/16/2017-2018 Prequalifcation for Repair and Servicing of ICT Equipment Special Groups N/A
17 CAKITUI/PREQ/17/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of Tyres, Tubes and Motor Vehicle Batteries Open N/A
18 CAKITUI/PREQ/18/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of firefighting equipment and servicing Special Groups N/A
19 CAKITUI/PREQ/19/2017-2018 Prequalification for Provision of Air Travel Agency Services (IATA/KATO Registered) Open N/A
20 CAKITUI/PREQ/20/2017-2018 Prequalification for Supply of Computers, Printers, Photocopiers and related ICT Equipment Special Groups N/A
21 CAKITUI/PREQ/21/2017-2018 Supply and Delivery of General Supplies Open N/A
22 CAKITUI/PREQ/22/2017-2018 Prequalification for Supply of Hansard/Communication Equipment Special Groups N/A
23 CAKITUI/PREQ/23/2017-2018 Prequalification for Consultancy Services Open N/A
24 CAKITUI/PREQ/24/2017-2018 Prequalification for repair of office equipment Special Groups N/A
25 CAKITUI/PREQ/25/2017-2018 Prequalification for repair and maintenance of vehicles Open N/A
26 CAKITUI/PREQ/26/2017-2018 Prequalification for supply of furniture and fittings Special Groups N/A
27 CAKITUI/PREQ/27/2017-2018 Prequalification for Contractors for small building works Open N/A
28 CAKITUI/PREQ/28/2017-2018 Prequalification for training services for staff & MCAs in strategic planning, corporate governance, teambuilding, minute and report writing, meeting procedures and report submission etc Open N/A
29 CAKITUI/PREQ/29/2017-2018 Prequalification for provision of tours and care hire services Open N/A
30 CAKITUI/PREQ/30/2017-2018 Prequalification for provision of fumigation services, pest control and sanitary services Special Groups N/A
31 CAKITUI/PREQ/31/2017-2018 Prequalification for electrical and plumbing services Open N/A
32 CAKITUI/PREQ/32/2017-2018 Prequalification for provision of public auctioneer services Open N/A
33 CAKITUI/PREQ/33/2017-2018 Prequalification for provision of advertising services Open N/A
34 CAKITUI/PREQ/34/2017-2018 Prequalification for supply, installation and servicing of CCTV cameras, surveillance systems, biometric registers Special Group N/A


Bidders who download the documents should immediately register with the County Assembly by emailing their names and contact details to for purposes of any clarifications or addenda.

Completed prequalification documents in a plain sealed envelope clearly marked should be addressed and returned to:



P.O. BOX 694 - 90200


If hand delivered be dropped at the Tender Box, situated at the County Assembly offices, so as to be received not later than 10:00am on 15th June, 2017.



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