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Standing Orders are rules used to manage the work of the County Assembly. They guide the way the chamber operates each day. There are several standing orders which include details about;

  1. Swearing in of members and election of the Speaker
  2. Address by Governor, Senator and visiting dignitary
  3. Presiding Calender, Sittings and Adjournment of the Assembly
  4. Order of Business
  5. Voting and Divisions
  6. Rules of Debate
  7. Public Petitions etc

Each County Assembly is responsible for the development of its own Standing Orders in order to meet its unique needs.

The public is allowed to attend and observe County Assembly proceedings . It is important to clearly understand your role whenever you visit the Kitui County Assembly meetings.

To download a copy of the County Assembly of Kitui Standing Orders, as adopted on 1st July 2015 click here 



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